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August 2015





Well, just when you thought it was safe go to back onto the Internet, here I am again, filling in for Beth for a while, and here is the latest class newsletter.  As I mentioned in an email a few weeks ago, Beth is pretty busy with some very high priority work and needs a break from the newsletter.  I'm only too happy to jump right in for coming months.



Several updates on classmates for you, plus news about the possible reunion in September of 2016, so here we go..............

Nick Bowen has joined the ranks of classmates with published  books, with his book "Fresh Springs: Devotional Poems On Jesus".  It's on Amazon in print and Kindle formats and you cam  search on Amazon for "Fresh Springs, Nick Bowen" also under the "Books" tab on Nick's  website And, here is a link to an article about Nick and the book in his local paper. Just click on the image of Nick's book above, and be transported there, as if by magic.

I think that gives us seven published authors.  In addition to Nick, we have Judy Chatfield with works on gardens, Lynn Dennison Fitzhugh, with historical publications, Ken Nye and his books of poems, Peggy Dickenson whose book Quiet Rebel recounts her experiences with the Peace Corps, also available on Amazon,  and Sue McKinley Carpenter and her book about back care for golfers.  And, I find I left out Beth Porter too the first time around for which I am truely sorry.  She has published several books and articles  on varous subjects.  You can access it all at her author's site on Amazon, by clicking here.  If I missed anyone, let me know and I'll make it right.

Kristina Olsson Sachs sends a short but delightful greeting. My family continues to be well and happy and growing.  We now have 9 and 1/2 grandchildren, all living within a 15 mile radius.  We see them "all the time" and especially enjoy spending weekends with them at our "lakehouse.calm" in New Hampshire. 
Warm regards to everyone--Kristina (Olsson)

Her message reflects what so many others from the class report - grandkids are a big part of our lives now.

Nice news from Gay Mayer :  A good year so far. we are in midst of a classic July heat wave in NJ.. Hot, humid and hazy. No rain for days and none in the forecast. Happy that we installed air conditioning in our home two years ago. July 4th we were in Steamboat Springs with all of our kids and grandchildren. A wonderful time for the cousins with lots of time to hike, raft , play tennis and hang out by the pool. We are fortunate to be able to do this and enjoy the happy confusion.

The picture is from ten days ago on Long Beach Island with my sister, Laurie ('63). We took a few mid week days to visit for some beach and golf time. Great that we can enjoy doing this together.



I am still doing a bit of real work. During the summer there is no official trail work on the Appalachian Trail, but I seem to keep busy with our local nature center and helping neighbors who have projects that need help with trees, rocks and the like. 


Summer time and the living is easy.... Nice to be able to say that.


BTW... If you can find the movie about the Beach Boys... Love and Mercy... make the effort to see it. Very interesting look back ... You will recognize and resonate with much that it has to say

Anita Lindholm Smith sends a great picture of her class of piano students.  She is in there too - see if you can spot her.

Swede Murphy checked in with lots of news  (Also, note his reference to a possible reunion.)

I am interested and am planning to attend a September reunion. Things have been good and busy for the Murphy Family, we are presently at our summer home on Little Lake Sunappi, NH. Our three children and six grandchildren are here for two weeks. Jayne and I will celebrate our 49th. Anniversary on 8/27. Our oldest son Harris was elected State's Attorney for Kent County, Maryland in Nov. 2015. I was appointed to sit as a Circuit Court Judge for Baltimore County and continue to sit in the District Court of Maryland. I look forward to seeing everyone. Swede.

And here is some interesting stuff from Lorraine Price Muth, there in the wilds of Montana.

Bob and I are having a busy summer. We're volunteer back country rangers in Glacier National Park and we hike 3 times a week. We check back country permits in campgrounds, make sure people are adequately prepared to go into the back country and do a little work at the campgrounds. We make sure there are no fire rings in the sleeping area, and, if so, we make them disappear.  We sweep out the outhouses and spray the seat with disinfectant and make it look as good as possible.  We also check that there are no trees down in the sleeping areas, or ready to fall. If so, we report it and the trail crew takes care of it. We have to give
120 hours of our time this summer. The volunteers are an interesting group of people - all are retired. We have engineers, medical Drs., university people and all sorts of other interesting people and they all are very nice. Since we are in uniform, we are always asked lots of questions. Thank God that Bob knows the flowers and birds because we are frequently asked about them. I'm learning them as we go along.
I hope the reunion becomes a reality.

Those are the news items I have so far.  Send me more and I'll add them to the site.

As many of you know, you can also keep up with some of the day to day things on our Facebook group page.  It is titled "Greeley Class of 60" (very original) and we have 47 class members on board.  It's a good spot to check in now and then and leave short messages.  If you are not on the group list and would like to be, just check in and send a request to join, and one of us will sign you on.  Simple.  Sort of a "real-time" newsletter.  But if you are not interested (I know lots of folks are leery about FB) don't worry.  All the reunion news and periodic class updates will continue to be on the website.

As you no doubt noted, a few folks made reference to a possible reunion next year, so let me just reiterate what I sent out a few weeks ago about current planning.  Here it is, word for word.


Reunion next year.  As you may recall, Beth sent out a message a few months back asking about interest in another reunion.  The response while somewhat muted, was generally in favor of doing one in the fall of 2016.  About 15 people expressed a strong interest;  that's not a huge number, but at the time the question was a general, non-specific one about interest.  We have the usual suspects (Gay Mayer, Peter Davidson, Ann Hill, Sue McKinley and Carolyn Grieco - and me) willing to serve on "The Committee" and make it all happen.  So, what we propose is to set a TENTATIVE date of the weekend of September 9-11, 2016 in Chappaqua.  Probably will involve the usual dinner and maybe some town activities like a tour of the school, Historical Society visit and so forth.  Details to be determined.  But, we need to try to achieve a "critical mass" of 25-30 or more classmates to make it worthwhile for everyone.  So, what we'd like to do is to hear from classmates as to their likelihood of attending now that we have a specific date in mind.  If it sounds like there is a pretty good chance that we will have a good turnout, then the committee is ready to proceed with arranging lodging reservations, venues, and so forth. 


I know that 2016, our "56th anniversary" doesn't have a big symbolic value (although it is 60 years since we started high school) and that waiting 'til 2020, for our true 60th has a certain appeal.  However, by 2020, travel may become a problem for many of us as we near 80 years of age.  While it seemed at our 50th that we are a vibrant, active, and healthy group.....   Well, you get the idea. 


Anyway, this subject all got started because several folks inquired about the possibility of a reunion this year or next.  So, here we are, taking the pulse (such as it may be) of the class.


The past reunions have been wonderful times.  I have come back from each of them replaying it all in my mind, from the precious memories that were stirred up to the memorable conversations, to the lovely Chappaqua environment.  Let's do at least one more.


OK, enough rhapsodizing.  Let me know your thoughts and your probability of  attending.  If it looks like there is enough likely committment we will take it from there.


Update as of this writing.  Responses still trickling in, with several positives, some maybes, and several regrets.  So, it's still hard to tell if we will have sufficient attendance, but we'll keep beating the bushes and try to get a definitive read pretty soon. 

In any case, keep those cards and letters and emails coming in, folks, and I'll keep the newsletters flowing  And remember you can access past newsletters all done so well by Beth at this link: As always, I remain your devoted and faithful servant.  Phone number is still 253-905-2751 and email is



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