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Well, the reunion is now history, and a darn nice piece of history it is.  You can check out a lot of the photos from the event by clicking HERE, if you are on Facebook.  The link will take you to a login page, and then to the class FB page.  If you are not on FB, don't worry -- There's a page here with all the photos and news too.

In the meantime we need to recognize the hard work that a lot of people put in preparing for the event and making it work.  There was a lot of planning behind the scene, and a lot of effort during the reunion.

Anne Hill Brockman and her hubby Jess, stockpiled the food and supplies, and did most of the cooking during the reunion, as well as supervising the kitchen.  This was no mean feat, preparing for 29 hungry classmates and spouses.  Nice job by both, and Jess, we will always remember your great lasagna!

Lydia Lockridge Morrongiello did a lot of legwork, coordinating with the Y, scoping out attractions in the area, checking out restaurants, and providing maps and other information for everyone.  She seemed to be everywhere at once.  She was also ably assisted during some of her reconnaissance by Cathie Smith and Ann Bliss Mygatt.  Thanks, ladies.

Gay Mayer handled the finances in coordination with Peter Davidson, took care of keeping accounts straight with the Y, and helped establish the food and beverage supply list.  He and his wife Mary also helped with a lot of the cooking and kitchen activities.

Reid Reynolds and Sue McKinley Carpenter were part of the planning as well and served on the "Gang of Several" committee organizing the reunion and assisting in various activities., as did Steve and Marie Barkman Blue.  They were kind of the unsung heroes, along with Ann Bliss who supplied the chocolates for the "goody bags" and helped Lydia assemble them.

Thanks to all these dedicated classmates.

Lots of fun things happened and thanks to Lydia's planning, there was no shortage of things to do in this glorious setting.  Sunday night featured lots of time to catch up and reminisce, and of course a great meal featuring that great lasagna dinner whipped up by Jess and Anne.  The excitement of seeing one another after so long and meeting new people was infectious and I know we all finished up that first night with a real sense of happiness.

Monday found most of the classmates out exploring the area, driving through the park and hiking around some of the nearby trails and lakes.  Some of us were fortunate to see some moose and elk cavorting in Sprague Lake.

The evening was highlighted by a great catered dinner, followed by the singalong, where we relived our folk music times.  That's Nick and Dave on the guitars, leading the songs.

We also found time for group discussion and reflection on a variety of topics, lead by Gay.

Tuesday gave us all a chance to continue seeing the local attractions, with several people visiting the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  This grand place was the setting for Steven King's novel The Shining, but it offered a lot more than just that.  A very impressive place.  

And of course there was a lot of shopping to be done.....

Tuesday night we had dinner at a very nice local restaurant.

And of course, as was true every day, there was a lot of opportunity for times of fellowship and talk.  What a gift that always is at our reunions!

Finally, all too soon, Wednesday morning arrived, and with it, our final breakfast together and then our parting.  But what wonderful memories we have and what a wonderful time it was.  The question we all had was "When is the next one?"

Anybody up for a 60-year reunion in 2020?

Don't worry - that's not all.  Check out the photo page links above for pics of all the classmates and spouses

As always, your faithful correspondent remains 

Dave Williams



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